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for Creative Businesses and Artists

I help You to achieve your goals with your website so that you can enrich the life of your audience with the work you love.

Your work is already out there in the digital world but...

Something is missing from your online presence.

You want a website that serves you and helps you to get the results you are working for.

You don't have time for an extra burden or endless technical issues.

You need an authentic digital space for your business that connects with your audience.

I make websites for creative entrepreneurs

Hi there, very nice to meet You!

My name is Gyöngyi, you can call me Gammart as well. I am the person behind GAMMArt, a designer based in Budapest, Hungary.

I make websites for creative entrepreneurs. My mind is always around art, nothing lights me up more than that, probably it is the best thing in human existence. I am also a painter, however, I was moving in a quite different direction for a while. I made a degree in Engineering and Management and I was working at IT companies.

My goal with web design is:

  • to generate value for artist and creative businesses, like You
  • to support you so that you can connect with your audience authentically and efficiently through your website too
  • to help you to reach your goals around your work and life

I would like to get to know you better and offer some free support at the same time. I am excited to meet you in person and hear about your goals and challenges. I have a 30-minute no pressure, free call for you to help you as much I can!

Or otherwise, I am glad to answer your questions in email.

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Brank Kit and Logo Design

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I wholeheartedly recommend the service of Gyöngyi. She does her job in a precise, flexible way, she keeps the deadlines, she is humanly impeccable. Her kind, smart, colorful, enthusiastic, subtly artistic personality makes the cooperation a lot easier. It was a special pleasure for me that I could entrust the task of creating my website to someone who knows and experienced its topic inside and out.

"Szívből ajánlom Gyöngyi szolgáltatásait. Megbízhatóan, precízen, rugalmasan, határidőre végzi a dolgát, emberileg kifogástalan. Kedves, okos, színes, lelkes és finoman művészi egyénisége nagyban megkönnyíti az együttműködést. Számomra külön öröm volt, hogy személyében olyasvalakire bízhattam rá a honlapom elkészítésének feladatát, aki kívülről-belülről ismerte és tapasztalta is a témakört."
"Gyöngyi offers a very good quality service. Her response time is fast and her knowledge is excellent. It's always a pleasure to work with her."

It is important for me, that my website is an authentic expression of my personality, both in color and in style. Gyöngyi worked with great patience and competence when it came to my ideas. She even made a logo for me, which I adore! I recommend her gladly if you want something unique, which is not something average but completely personalized on You.

"Számomra fontos, hogy a honlapom engem tükrözzön, mind színben, mind személyiségben. Gyöngyi nagy türelemmel (ami hozzám, és az elképzeléseimhez kellett), és hozzáértéssel készítette az enyémet, és még a logómat is megtervezte, amit imádok! Ajánlom őt szeretettel, ha nem tucatot, hanem egyedit szeretnél, ami valóban Rólad szól."

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